Who We Are


K. Walker Collective derives from the sense of satisfaction and sophistication through selective styling. We come forth with raw recognition of authentic self expression and business casual, bridging the necessary gap between professionalism, comfort and conscious action.

Essential pieces from K. Walker Collective reflect the lifestyle and deserved expectations of the audacious professional, the change-maker and the fervent fashion icon who discovers alignment in a brand that speaks volume when one steps into any room. 

We aren’t for everyone. 

We are the brand that speaks less but does more. 

We stand and style for the audacious who champion for change in not only their everyday actions but their everyday wear. 

Our presence and production birthed from Detroit, Michigan is for those who take liberty in disrupting the standards of business casual to elevate the conversations around style, success and standing in one’s rightful place as an unmatched doer. 

To wear K. Walker Collective is to show up in self awareness, belief, appreciation and respect. 

A walk in K. Walker Collective is a walk in unapologetic truth and understanding in who you truly are. Allowing our timeless and conscious designs to do the talking, K. Walker Collective favors the different and the distinguished. 

Birthed from black pride, spirit, culture, resilience and joy, K. Walker Collective is the essence of clothing and apparel driven by servitude, solidarity and unapologetic dedication to the classic man and woman innately rooted in infectious individualism and pristine appearance.

#TailorYourself with street, comfort and refined looks.